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FREE Team Management System for Managers, Coaches & Organisers

If you are involved in the organisation or management of your teams' matches or training sessions then you probably know the headaches and hassles that can go with it.

The great news is that there is an easy-to-use team management solution that is available right now and it's FREE to use. And free really does mean FREE. There are no strings attached or hidden costs for team manager and organisers.

With Teamers' team management system you get a private secure web space for your team, from where all games and events can be notified using SMS text and email, with your players responses being captured online, and the team can chat, blog and share photo's.

Team Management System - Features & Benefits

Free Service The team management system is funded by sponsored advertisements so there is absolutely no charge to managers
Easy to Use You can be up and running within five minutes and if you can use a mobile phone or email then you can use Teamer
Instant Notifications If the your match or training session is cancelled at short notice you can send instant notification to all team members and coaches with a single click. This is really useful and powerful as most people carry their mobile phone all of the time
Multimedia Messages and notifications can be sent by text and / or email and by using the latest addition - the Teamer iPhone App
Unlimited Notifications There is no limit to the number of notifications that you can send. The match is back on again - no problems - just notify all of your players with a single click
Aids Team Bonding Players can add photos and chat in the dedicated team space encouraging player interaction and team bonding. Teamer also includes a match report facility as well as a team blog
Auto Call-Up If a team player replies that he or she cannot make the match there is a Auto Call-up facility that automatically texts the next player in line from the team squad.

Teamer Team Management System Demo Video

About Teamer

Teamer team management system logo

Teamer is a sports social network across the web, email & mobile to let players, managers and coaches communicate & organise, taking the hassle out of sports team organisation and management.

Formed in Dublin, Ireland in September 2008, Teamer was developed to enable team organisers automate many of the tedious tasks involved in organising a sports team. The service integrates email, closed loop sms technology and mobile apps to ensure all members can be reached whether they are web, mobile web, or sms users. Teamer provides each team with private and secure online teampages where members can interact and share team related content (chat, share photo's, match reports, attendance stats etc).

Teamers' integration of web, email, sms and mobile app enables a team organiser to communicate with all of the team members, whatever their preferred channel of communication. Ranging form feature rich mobile apps, to sms and email, Teamer is the ideal channel for any sports team or community to interact online and through mobile devices.

The service is primarily ad/sponsor funded, and Teamer has secured significant long term blue chip sponsors looking to reach Teamer members via web/email/mobile in a unique digital engagement. Teamer offers its sponsors unrivalled reach and profile based targeting in the sports vertical.

Teamer now has one million members across Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and has recently launched its full suite of services in South Africa, India and Canada .

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