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Frequently Asked Questions of Soccer-Ireland.Com

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How much does a listing cost?

  • €97 for a full year
  • €149 for two years
  • €199 for three years or
  • €499 for ten years
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Why should I list my club?

  • You will be providing your club information in a standard format that is very easily accessible to the wider soccer community
  • It is very good value
  • Your listing includes highly customised maps of your pitch locations
  • Your listing entitles you to unlimited free updates
  • There is no ongoing maintenance
  • Your listing conveys a sense of professionalism
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What information does a listing cover?

Click on this club listing and you will see an example of what is covered in your listing. If you have any suggestions that could improve our listings please contact

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Why do you encourage sponsorships?

Even though we have tried to keep the cost of a listing as low as possible we understand that a lot of clubs operate on very limited resources. Nevertheless we want to create the most comprehensive listing of football clubs in Ireland and so far sponsorship of club listings has proven very useful for some clubs to pay for their listing.
Not relevant any more.

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Can you help me with securing sponsorship?

Absolutely. We can provide you with a wording for any application for sponsorship that you may wish to make. We have successfully helped clubs secure sponsorship in the past.

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How much does it cost to update my listing?

Nothing. Once your listing is live you may make an unlimited (subject to fair usage) number of updates. We undertake to make any required changes to your listing within two working days of notification.

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Do I need any technical know-how to set up or update my listing?

No. All you have to know is how to send emails. Simply email us with your listing details and updates and we do the rest.

If we haven't answered all of you questions please feel free to contact us
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