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Ban Vuvuzelas Campaign - Save Our World Cup

Ban vuvuzelas sign

Join the campaign to get rid of those damned vuvuzela horns out of our World Cup. This is the WORLD CUP and not the South Africa Cup so why should the rest of the us have to put up with that horrible noise AND a complete loss of match atmosphere?

FIFA need to realise that they are losing TV viewers and fewer viewers means less revenue. And that is something that FIFA will listen to - even over the din created by those vuvuzelas.

Email FIFA to Ban Vuvuzela horns

Cut and paste this suggested text into this
FIFA email form:

As a committed supporter of football I demand the return of the World Cup to the people of the World. I will not watch any more matches until there is a ban on the use of vuvuzela horns at any future matches at the 2010 World Cup.

This is an easy thing to do so please act now to save our World Cup before it's too late.

Vuvuzela Fallacy

Some people claim that the vuvuzela is part of South African culture and sporting heritage. This is not true. They are not used at other South African sporting events and they have only been used at football matches since the 1990's. Vuvuzelas - or plastic horns - were introduced to South Africa by a business man who first saw them in China in the 1990's.

GAA Bans Vuvuzelas

The GAA announced on 17th June 2010 that vuvuzelas would not be allowed in Croke Park. They were joined by German football club Borussia Dortmund who have also banned them from home matches at the Westfalenstadion.

Ban the Vuvuzela on Facebook

If you are a member of facebook get all your friends to join Ban the Vuvuzela Group.

Vuvuzela Petition to Ban Vuvuzelas

There is also an online petition that you can sign up to to have the vuvuzelas banned from the 2010 World Cup:

Ban Vuvuzelas Petition

If you are a true fan of the World Cup please take these two simple steps to apply pressure to FIFA to ban the vuvuzelas and return the World Cup to ALL of the people of the World.

Finally, please encourage anyone that you know to do the same thing. With enough pressure we can salvage something from the 2010 World Cup finals. Please email every football fan that you know NOW.

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