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Conor Shinkins - Feedback from Site Visitors

At we get a lot of email correspondence from people all over Ireland and much further afield. Thankfully most of these emails are messages of thanks or congratulations from genuine football people that appreciate our efforts. We're not entirely sure that an email message that we received recently from site visitor, Conor Shinkins, fits into that category though.

We cover our costs through some minor sponsorship and modest advertising revenues. Constrained by this resource level we do make some mistakes. A small number of the emails that we get are from people that kindly take the time to point out any errors that they have come across when perusing the website. And to those people we say a heartfelt 'thank you'. It really helps and we genuinely appreciate it when such well-intended people make the effort to contact us.

Helpful Comment from Conor Shinkins

In that context we'd like to highlight a very thoughtful email that we recently received from Conor Shinkins. Clearly Conor is a big fan of this website and what we do here at

Conor Shinkins First Message:

This is in response to a piece of shit you wrote about Eamon Dunphy's biography, you wrote that in ''those days education wasn't fr'' [sic], well actually yes Primary School education had been free in Ireland since the 1920's!!!! It was only Secondary schooling thatw asn't [sic] up to the 1960's!!!! Get your fucking facts straight, and stop making comments about things u know nothing about you thick moaning useless dopey cunts!

Our Reply to Mr Shinkins:

Hello Conor,

Thank you for your thoughtful and well-articulated contribution. I am always looking for enlightened feedback.

I think if you care to check again you will find that I did not make the statement that you (mis-)quoted.

If, as you somewhat intemperate language suggests, that you do not like what I write may I recommend that you refrain from visiting my site.

Fondest wishes,

"Useless Dopey C**t"

Second Message from Conor Shinkins:

I didn't read ur response, I just deleted it like the garbage it is. But I do take pleasure in knowing u read my e-mail :-D :-D

Our Final Response to Conor:

I read all kinds of crap.

And of COURSE you read my reply :)


Third Message from Conor Shinkins:

U can respond all day, not going to read it

As we have said we always welcome feedback from people that have a genuine interest in football. Even from those that do not agree with our views or opinions. As you can imagine we receive a lot of correspondence on our Saipan Incident thesis and clearly some of it is not in agreement with our conclusions. Nevertheless the vast majority has been polite even by those adopting an opposing view. We are happy to use this website as a platform to put forward opposing views just so long as the views are coherent and non-inflammatory language is being used. We're not really gone on foul mouthed mindless tirades, such as that from Conor Shinkins, particularly when they have no basis in truth or facts.

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