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Special Limited Offer

This is a limited offer exclusive to soccer clubs that DO NOT already have a dedicated web site. Sign up for your club listing today and receive a massive 80% discount off the normal listing price. Instead of our normal fee of €97 you pay only €19.95 for a full listing if you register before the end of this month.

All-Inclusive Package

For this very low one-off payment you get a comprehensive listing on for a full year. Your listing will include all of your club's relevant contact details, pitch locations, dedicated map, club colours, club crest, club history, and more. You will also receive unlimited (subject to fair usage) free updates to your listing for the entire year.

This is an extremely cost-effective method of establishing a presence on the Web. Building a web site and the annual hosting of a site can be very expensive and, if someone in your club doesn't have the expertise, it can be costly to have your site updated if your club information changes. A listing with deals with all that for just one payment - we do all of the work. Get your club's information out there for just €19.95.

High Google Ranking

No-one can guarantee top rankings with any search engine and especially not for the Daddy of them all, Google. Having said that, at Soccer-Ireland we have an excellent track record of achieving top-ten i.e. first page rankings for our listed clubs. You can check this out by searching for any of the clubs listed with us in Google and see for yourself. (If any of our clubs don't feature in the top ten it probably means that they are newly listed. Getting up the rankings takes a little time). As you can see for just €19.95 not only do you get a comprehensive listing for a year but your club members, visiting teams, etc. will most likely find your new listing in Google with very little effort.

Money-Back Guarantee

PayPal™ is our preferred payment partner and is a totally secure independent payment processor that accepts all major credit cards. If we don't live up to our promises with regard to your listing in
Soccer-Ireland.Com you may claim a full refund from PayPal at anytime within three months of payment.

Still Not Sure ?

If we haven't answered all of you questions please contact us and we will try to clarify any outstanding issues that you have.

Ready to Get Listed Now ?

If you're happy enough to go ahead and get listed now then all you have to do is the following:

(1) Send a blank email to this contact address: You will receive an immediate reply with details of what we need from you to make your listing live.

(2) Fill in the simple form below - please make sure your email address is correct - and click on the Pay Now button. Then follow the PayPal instructions.

Name of Club
Email Address

Thank you. Your club will be listed within 2 business days of receipt of your details.


PayPal™ is our preferred method of payment as it keeps administration costs to a minimum however if you do not have access to a credit card, or prefer to pay by cheque please
contact Soccer-Ireland.Com
for details.

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