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Why Sponsor a Football Club Listing With Soccer-Ireland.Com?

Soccer is the biggest participation and most popular team sport in the Republic of Ireland, according to the ESRI, with an estimated 450,000 people actively involved on a regular basis. Sponsorship of a football club with enhances sponsors reputations and provides online visibility within the Irish soccer community.

bullet point marker Football provides a sports and social outlet for hundreds of thousands of children and adults.
bullet point marker Most soccer clubs are largely community-based and give players and club members a sense of identity with their community.
bullet point marker Most soccer clubs are run by volunteers.

bullet point marker By far the vast majority of soccer clubs are not-for-profit

bullet point marker Soccer clubs are non-sectarian and non-political
bullet point marker Most football clubs are almost exclusively reliant upon player subscriptions, fundraising draws, and sponsorship for their day-to-day funding.
bullet point marker Sport in general, and soccer in particular encourages teamwork and creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie. It is particularly beneficial in developing self-esteem in children.

All Sponsored listings will include the sponsors logo (where applicable), marketing or promotional text, website link, etc. Click here on Knocklyon United to see an example.

If you or your organisation would like to sponsor an Irish soccer club listing for as little as €97 for a full year please contact today.

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